Lost lugagge auctions

Lost Luggage Auctions: all You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered what happens to lost luggage that airlines don’t return? It’s a world unknown to most, of course. Until one bad day you lose your luggage, it’s


Is it possible to claim a rerouting?

Every day, millions of airlines make “promises” to their passengers by selling plane tickets. The airline promises its customers that they will arrive at their destination at an agreed-upon time,

how to survive a layover flight

How to Survive a Layover Flight

Yes, we know that the ideal is to board a plane and arrive directly at your destination, but this is not always possible. Sometimes, direct flights are expensive and it

the most common airlines problems

The most common airlines problems

Discover the common problems faced by airlines and the companies that register the fewest complaints. Air travel definitively consolidates its recovery to pre-pandemic levels, or even exceeds them. This is

avoid lost luggage on airlines

Avoid lost luggage on airlines

Traveling by plane is an exciting experience that can take us to distant and thrilling places. However, one of the most frustrating aspects of air travel is the possibility of

travel with your pet by plane

Travel with your pet by plane

Transport companies for passengers, whether by sea, land, or air, are increasingly aware of the new reality of families where the pet is a full member. In addition to seeing

lost luggage

Lost Luggage: What You Need to Know

The airline lost my luggage, what should I do? According to studies conducted by the Society for International Aeronautical Telecommunications (SITA), approximately 4 out of 1,000 checked bags at airports

claim for pilot or crew flight time excess

Claiming for Pilot or Crew Flight Time Excesses

If an airline justifies not paying compensation by citing “excess pilot or crew hours,” you can still file a claim. As this does not constitute an “extraordinary circumstance.” It is


Air France strike (15-16 april)

The representative of Air France pilots, the SPAF union, announced on Wednesday that cabin crew will call a strike on the 15th and 16th of April against the anti-strike bill

Claims for changes on flight itineraries

If you are reading these lines, it’s probably because your flight was deviated to another airport instead of the contracted original destination, or you returned to the original airport for

Claim unpaid flight delay compensation

According to the data from reclamaciondevuelos.com, only 5% of people who file a claim on their own against the airline receive compensation after a lot of time and effort.  Additionally,

Flight Delay Claim Template

Flight Delay Claim Template

The majority of individuals wishing to file a claim against an airline seek a claim template after attempting to claim directly from them.  However, the vast majority of these claims

common excuses used by airlines

The most common excuses used by airlines

Before delving into the most common excuses from airlines, it is crucial to understand that most of them are canned responses, typically applied without going into details. Our analysis is

tips for claim a flight

7 Tips for Taking a Flight and Claiming

If Something Goes Wrong We love to travel, yes, but let’s admit it, most of us feel a bit stressed about flying. According to data from the IATA (International Air

claim compensation

Claim for a flight delay Compensation

According to data from lexoriy.com, only 5% of people who file a claim on their own against the airline receive flight delay compensation after a lot of time and effort.

claim for a technical failure

Claim for a Technical failure in flight

What is a technical failure? Any type of error or malfunction that prevents the correct operation of the aircraft and, therefore, for safety reasons, prevents its use. These failures can

Claim for lost connection

Claim for missed connection

If you missed your connection during a flight with layovers from point “A” to point “C,” involving an intermediate stop at point “B,” you have the right to file a