Flight Delay Claim Template

Flight Delay Claim Template

The majority of individuals wishing to file a claim against an airline seek a claim template after attempting to claim directly from them. 

However, the vast majority of these claims via form or template do not receive a response, or when they do, the airline refuses to pay citing some extraordinary reason.

In 95% of cases, claims do not succeed, leading to the question: Is this the best way to claim? How can one claim effectively? Can I claim in a way other than through a template? How should I proceed? Should I consult a lawyer? What should I write in the template?

Although the law is quite clear on passengers’ rights in case of incidents, in practice, most airlines categorically refuse these compensations.

For this reason, at lexority.com, we assist all individuals who wish to claim through us rather than using a claim template. With a 98% success rate and no upfront payment, we claim on your behalf. Risk-free. You can only win or stay at the same point. What can you lose? Nothing.

Are you looking for an effective template to claim for a delay?

Although the law protects you, you will quickly encounter all the difficulties: the template does not compel the airline, the online form is almost impossible to fill out, they do not respond to your claim or come up with excuses when the case is clear… you are not the first. We receive hundreds of cases like this every month.

Not only is the possibility of success minimal, but even if you receive a favorable response, it is likely that the airline will not compensate you for the total amount you can claim. They will offer you a settlement (if they offer one) for the minimum amount required by law… but you will find that other incurred expenses will not be granted to you, such as flights, tours, taxis, meals, hotels… essentially, all expenses and damages incurred.

Wouldn’t it be better if someone told you everything you are entitled to and with a 98% guarantee, obtained it for you?

Templates for claiming a delay with Iberia, Vueling, Ryanair, and Air France:

The airlines that pose the most obstacles when it comes to claiming, in order of difficulty, are:

– Vueling

– Iberia

– Ryanair

– Air France

It is clear that airlines do not want passengers to claim. After all, which airline wants to lose money?