Frequently asked questions to get your compensation when claiming for delay, cancellation or overbooking

How much compensation can I expect for a claimed flight?

The average claim at is usually around €400 in compensation. However, compensation for a flight of more than 3,500 km is €600. This is regardless of whether your situation is a delay, cancellation or overbooking.

In the case of lost luggage, compensation can be up to €1,414, depending on the case.

What are the incidents that can be claimed?

It is possible to claim a flight for any cancellation, delay of more than 3 hours, overbooking or loss of or delay in baggage, except for extraordinary causes that must be justified by the airline. We will check if your incident is claimable. The best thing to do is to ask us, as often an incident is claimable even if the airline says it is not.

How long does it take to get compensation for my flight claim?

The average time is around 3 months. The deadlines are set by the court in the customer’s city. This is the main reason for the delay in the claim process. For our part, as soon as we obtain your permission, we quickly send it to speed up the whole process.

In any case, you don’t have to worry, because we will keep you informed of the progress. Remember that if we don’t win your claim, we don’t get paid.

What are the fees for Flight Claim?

In we do not charge anything until we get your compensation. We only win if you win.

Our fees are 27% + VAT of the total compensation we get, in case it is settled out of court. At we will go all the way to get your compensation, even through the courts. If it becomes necessary to continue by this route, our fees will increase to 41% + VAT to cover the higher costs derived from the judicial process.

In the event that the client loses and there are costs for the client in a hypothetical trial, we will cover them. The risk of losing money for the client is 0.

If the airline has argued meteorological causes, can I claim for my flight?

If there really were meteorological causes, it is considered force majeure, and the airline cannot be blamed. However, it is very common for the airline to automatically refuse compensation on the grounds of extraordinary causes. In general, this is just a pretext and does not correspond to reality. At Flight Claims, we have the means to verify this.

My itinerary has stopovers and a delay on the first flight has made it impossible to catch the second flight, but this was more than 3 hours. Do I have the right to claim?

For legal purposes, a flight with stopovers purchased in a single purchase is considered as a single flight. Therefore, these cases are also claimable if arrival at your destination was impossible with a delay of less than 3 hours.

The airline has changed the schedule of my flight with less than 15 days notice. Am I entitled to claim?

If the notification of the change was made less than 15 days in advance, it is considered as a delay or cancellation of your flight. Therefore, you are entitled to make a claim.