What can I claim Iberia for?

Claim Iberia for a flight delay, cancellation or overbooking

If you want to claim a flight to Iberia due to a flight delay, cancellation o overbooking, you should know that you can get up to 600 € depending on the flight distance.

If Iberia operated the flight (normally when you fly with 2 different airlines, 1 of them is operating the whole itinerary) you should place the claim against them.

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What can I claim if I had a problem with an Iberia flight?

Compensation for a problem in a flight with Iberia

A claim for a flight cancellation, delay or overbooking can get a compensation of up to 250, 400 or 600 euros depending on the distance of the  flight. In the table below you will see the money a passenger should get according the european law.

Flight under 1500 km

With the characteristics below
  • Airline based in the EU
  • OR
  • Flight departure from the EU

Flight between 1500-3000 km

With the characteristics below​
  • Airline based in the EU
  • OR
  • Flight departure from the EU

Flight over 3500 km

With the characteristics below​
  • Airline based in the EU
  • OR
  • Flight departure from the EU

Compensation for extra expenses related to the flight issue

You can also ask for a compensation for all expenses incurred to Iberia:

Which documents do you need to prepare a claim against Iberia?

These are all the documents you will need to prepare a claim which will be successful against Iberia.

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Overbooking at Iberia

Overbooked Iberia flight: When Iberia sells more tickets than the possible number of passengers they can accommodate.

The overbooking is legal, but you are entitled to a compensation up to € 600.

Iberia aims to avoid empty seats due to no-shows, and this must be legally sanctioned.

When the Iberia passenger has received a flight ticket or any document stating the payment has been accepted and registered, it is a “confirmed reservation”. Boarding denials happen when a passenger presents to the gate but Iberia refuses them access to the plane.

Late arrival with Iberia

Even if this is the most punctual airline in Europe, they also commit errors and arrive late sometimes. In those cases which the arrival to your destination is ober 3 hours late, you have the right to claim for a delay to Iberia. The compensation table above applies here too.

Some advice to claim Iberia

Be carefull with the offers of Iberia

Do not accept any offer from Iberia that doesn’t match what the EU Regulation 261/2004 imposes. Refer to the sections above to check how much money you are legally entitled to.