request boarding pass from airline

Get a certificate, attestation or copy of boarding pass from an airline

It’s not always necessary to request a boarding pass, a flight certificate, or an airline attestation to make a claim. However, if a lawyer asks you after sending the documentation to contact the airline to obtainany of those, it’s because they have good reasons to do so. You should try to obtain one of these documents. However, if despite contacting the airline you do not receive them within two weeks, write us again and we will tell you what we can do.

When are boarding passes important for making a claim?

Boarding passes are not always essential for making a claim, but there are cases where they are very important for having guarantees and winning the case.

In general, they are very important in the case of direct flight delays and boarding denials.

Cancellations, missed connections, or lost luggage, on the other hand, are useful but not essential.

Why is the copy of a boarding pass important for claiming a flight and if not the attestation or certificate?

Boarding passes prove our status as passengers. That is, that we presented ourselves for the flight or intended to do so.

Airlines take advantage of any legal subtlety not to compensate passengers and sometimes, in the absence of boarding passes, they argue that the intention to travel is not proven despite having a reservation. Without them, the airline can even win in court.

Who buys a flight, not to show up on the day they are supposed to take it, and then makes a claim for an incident they didn’t even experience? No one, but they can still win the case. The law proves it.

That’s why you should never get rid of boarding passes, but if you have, don’t worry, there are other ways to prove passenger status:

Request a proof or flight certificate from the airline

If you have lost, you don´t have to request boarding pass, thrown it away, or the airline’s app no longer shows it to you, and a Lexority lawyer tells you that we will need to accredit your passenger status in one way or another, we will have to demand that the airline sends us a document that accredits it.

In the email you write, it is best to include the following:

1. The flight reservation number

2. The itinerary of the flight taken

3. The day you had the incident

4. The name and surnames

5. The ID number

6. State that you are requesting it to justify your absence at work or because your insurance asks for it.

Point number 6 is the most important. Airlines do not want passengers sending claims.