Air passenger rights

Compensation for flight delay, cancellation or overbooking

Compensations stablished by the European law 261

Flight under 1500 km

With the characteristics below
  • Airline based in the EU
  • OR
  • Flight departure from the EU

Flight between 1500-3000 km

With the characteristics below​
  • Airline based in the EU
  • OR
  • Flight departure from the EU

Flight over 3500 km

With the characteristics below​
  • Airline based in the EU
  • OR
  • Flight departure from the EU

In addition to compensation for the problem, you will also be entitled to money for the costs generated by the problem (taxi, accommodation, etc.), lost expectations at destination and moral prejudice (if any).

If the case meets our claim criteria, we will ask you to sign an authorisation so that we can claim on your behalf. We will only collect our commission once we have been successful, so there is no risk to you.

How does claiming with us work

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Air passenger rights

You can submit a claim to us for any of these flight-related problems.

What do you need to know before making a claim due to a flight delay?


Here is the list of prerequisites to claim a flight to an airline:

  •  For a delay claim, the delay of your flight must have been over 3 hours.
  • On the case of a flight time or date change: If the airline told you about the change more than 14 days in advance, you can´t request for any compensation.
  • According our statistics, only a 5% of people who make a claim on their own get any money from the company. Besides, those who achieve it get 30% less than what they get through us.

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Our Services

You can claim up to 600€ if you had any of these issues.


If your flight arrived over 3 hour late.


If the company cancelled your flight (except for metereological reasons or air control strikes)


If the company overselled tickets and you couldn´t get into de plane.