Claim the end of studies trip from the airline or the agency

After a difficult period filled with exams, assignments, and other academic commitments, the eagerly anticipated end-of-studies trip arrives. However, such trips don’t always go as planned.

In 10th grade, high school, and university, with the end-of-career trip and the equator trip, it’s time to plan this big trip with countless destinations and unforgettable experiences. Whether your goal is to be on beaches with the best summer weather in Cancun, Cuba, the Canaries, Ibiza, or Majorca. Or to visit more touristy areas like London, Amsterdam, Brussels, or New York, the important thing is to make the most of these holidays with your classmates.

These trips often include hotel, flight, board, and other expenses (parties) that one can expect during the stay, making the organization of the trip for all students a mere formality, freeing them from worries.

However, it’s possible that your end-of-studies trip doesn’t meet your expectations due to problems with a service you’ve contracted.

Claiming incidents with the end-of-studies flight: delays, cancellations, baggage loss, and overbooking

The most common problems in end-of-studies trips are incidents with the flight, including flight delays and cancellations, baggage loss, and overbooking on some occasions.

If this happens to you in the future or if you have already experienced any of these mishaps, know that you can claim your end-of-studies trip flight.

Claiming flight cancellation and delay for end-of-studies trip

For a flight cancellation or delay of more than 3 hours. The passenger must be compensated by the airline for the canceled or delayed flight from €250 to €600 depending on the distance of the flight.

Additionally, if you were stranded at the airport due to a canceled flight and had to incur additional expenses such as meals and accommodation, you can claim these expenses provided you justify them with receipts or invoices for these additional expenses.

Claiming baggage loss for the end-of-studies trip flight

For each day you are without your baggage, according to the Montreal Convention. You have the right to claim approximately €67.33 up to a maximum of 21 days, totaling €1414 per lost suitcase.

In this type of incident, you can also claim expenses incurred during your study trip. Such as clothing purchases, provided you have the receipts or tickets to prove them.

Claiming overbooking on the end-of-studies trip flight

Just like in the case of a claim for flight delay or cancellation, you are entitled to compensation of €250 to €600 depending on the distance of the flight. Between the origin and destination and according to the applicable regulation.

How to claim an incident with the end-of-studies trip flight?

Successfully claiming in these cases can be quite tedious. The procedures and requirements to succeed often mean that the claim is not made.

Filling out claim forms, documents, contacting the airline’s claims department and anxiously awaiting a response from the airline. All this to receive a negative response prove that such claims are best handled with the help of an expert team.

With Lexority, claiming your end-of-studies trip flight is quite easy and simple as they study your case without any commitment, and you won’t have to advance any money. Additionally, the team takes care of all the procedures so you don’t have to worry about anything.