What can I complain Ryanair for?

Claim Ryanair for a flight delay, cancellation or overbooking

If you want to claim a flight to Ryanair due to a flight delay (over 3 hours), cancellation o overbooking, you should know that you can get up to 600 € depending on the flight distance.

If Ryanair operated the flight (normally when you fly with 2 different airlines, 1 of them is operating the whole itinerary) you should place the claim against them.


What can I claim to Ryanair after a problem with a flight?

Compensation for a problem in a flight with Ryanair

A claim for a flight cancellation, delay or overbooking can get a compensation of up to 250, 400 or 600 euros depending on the distance of the  flight. In the table below you will see the money a passenger should get according the european law.

Flight under 1500 km

With the characteristics below
  • Airline based in the EU
  • OR
  • Flight departure from the EU

Flight between 1500-3000 km

With the characteristics below​
  • Airline based in the EU
  • OR
  • Flight departure from the EU

Flight over 3500 km

With the characteristics below​
  • Airline based in the EU
  • OR
  • Flight departure from the EU

Compensation for extra expenses related to the flight issue

You can also ask for a compensation for all expenses incurred to Ryanair:

The Ryanair Extraordinary Circumstances

The term ‘extraordinary circumstances’ is applicable when the delayed or cancelled flight is caused by something uncommon in which a claim receives no compensation. Such as:

  • Security
  • Really bad weather conditions
  • War
  • A few strikes not releated to Ryanair like air traffic

Ryanair unreal Extraordinary Circumstances:

  • Issues with Ryanair staff
  • Bad weather affecting a previous flight
  • Denied boarding due to the flight being overbooked
  • Ryanair technical problems

Ryanair “no show” booking clauses

“No show” is illegal. Your are entitled to claim a compensation if you are being denied from boarding.

Which documents do you need to prepare a claim against Ryanair?

These are all the documents you will need to prepare a claim which will be successful against Ryanair.

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Overbooking at Ryanair flight

Overbooked Ryanair flight: When Ryanair sells more tickets than the possible number of passengers they can accommodate.

The overbooking is legal, but you are entitled to a compensation up to € 600.

Ryanair aims to avoid empty seats due to no-shows, and this must be legally sanctioned.

When the Ryanair passenger has received a flight ticket or any document stating the payment has been accepted and registered, it is a “confirmed reservation”. Boarding denials happen when a passenger presents to the gate but Ryanair refuses them access to the plane.

How do I calculate the distance between airports to claim a compensation to Ryanair?

In the first place, keep in mind that which is measured is the Ryanair origin and the final destination of the reservation. So, if we have a stop, you shouldn´t count it. The orthodromic distance (the shortest distance between two places by plane) between origin and final destination has to be measured.

In this webpage: you can exactly calculate the km from airport to airport.