claim for pilot or crew flight time excess

Claiming for Pilot or Crew Flight Time Excesses

If an airline justifies not paying compensation by citing “excess pilot or crew hours,” you can still file a claim. As this does not constitute an “extraordinary circumstance.” It is common for airlines to tell people affected by a delay, cancellation, or overbooking that no compensation is due for this reason, but that is not the case.

If the airline responds to you in this manner or uses this excuse, it means they are rejecting your claim, as they do with 95% of passengers who attempt to claim on their own. If you wish, can handle your claim and win in 98% of cases.

– Excuses: Excess flight hours, pilotage, pilot’s day, crew or work

– Your flight schedule was impacted by an excess workday of the pilot/crew.

– The delay was due to an excess of flight/work hours.

Your flight was canceled due to an excess of pilot hours you can claim.

Regardless of the excuse, each variant can be claimed because it is the airline’s responsibility to manage flights so that pilots can comply with the law. What the law says about excess pilot and crew hours. The Ministry of Territorial Policy issued a circular clarifying and interpreting the limitations on flight and rest time for pilots and crew. The circular states that flight time must not exceed 11 uninterrupted hours when there are 2 pilots and the reporting time is between 6:00 AM and 2:59 PM, nor 10 hours when it is between 3:00 PM and 5:59 AM.

This standard complements the harmonized legal regime established by the European regulation. Manuel Ameijerias explains that the provisions of Operational Circular 16 B on flight time limitations, maximums of aerial activity. Rest periods remain in force for what is not regulated by Royal Decree 1952/2009 of December 18, which complements Regulation 3911/91 of the EEC.