Claim compensation for flight incident on the year end trip

Claim compensation for flight incident on the year end trip

Are you considering filing a complaint with the airline or travel agency regarding the year-end trip?

After an intense period of exams, assignments, and other academic obligations, the eagerly anticipated year-end trip is finally here. However, these trips don’t always go as planned.

Whether you are in fourth grade, high school, or university, whether it’s for the end-of-studies trip or the graduation trip, planning this grand journey involves a wide range of destinations and memorable experiences. Whether you dream of relaxing on the sunny beaches of Cancun, Cuba, the Canaries, Ibiza, or Majorca. Or visiting more touristy destinations such as London, Amsterdam, Brussels, or New York, the essential thing is to fully enjoy these holidays with your classmates.

These trips typically include accommodation, flights, meals, and other expenses (such as outings, for example), making the organization easier for all students and relieving them of any concerns.

However, it is possible that your year-end trip may not meet your expectations due to issues with one of the services you have booked. You can claim compensation for flight incident. Read more!

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Claim compensation for incidents related to the flight of the year-end trip: delays, cancellations, baggage losses, and overbookings

Among the most common incidents during year-end trips are flight-related problems such as delays, cancellations, baggage losses, and sometimes even overbooking.

If you face any of these situations in the future, or if you have already experienced them, know that you have the right to claim compensation for your flight during your year-end trip.

Claim compensation for flight delay and cancellation during the year-end trip

In case of flight cancellation or delay of more than 3 hours, the passenger has the right to claim compensation from the airline, ranging from €250 to €600 depending on the distance of the journey.

Furthermore, if you are stranded at the airport due to a canceled flight and you have to incur additional expenses such as meals and accommodation. You have the option to claim these costs, provided you can justify them with corresponding receipts or invoices.

Submit a claim for baggage loss during the flight of the year-end trip

For each day you are without your luggage, according to the terms of the Montreal Convention, you have the right to claim approximately €67.33 per day, up to 21 days, for a maximum total of €1414 per lost suitcase.

In such a situation, you also have the option to request reimbursement for expenses incurred during your study trip, such as the purchase of clothes, provided you can provide receipts or tickets to justify these expenses.

Submit a claim for overbooking on the plane during the year-end trip

As with any claim related to flight delay or cancellation, you have the right to claim compensation from €250 to €600 depending on the distance of the flight between the departure point and the destination, in accordance with applicable regulations.

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How to report a problem related to the flight during the year-end trip?

Successfully claiming in these situations can be quite tedious. The procedures and requirements to achieve a positive result often make the claim process complex.

Filling out forms, gathering documents, contacting the airline’s claims department, anxiously waiting for a response. All for the possibility of being denied, can discourage many people from pursuing a claim.

With, claiming the flight for your year-end trip is easy and straightforward. They review your case without any financial commitment on your part, and no upfront money is required. Moreover, the team takes care of all the procedures, sparing you any worries.