Claim unpaid flight delay compensation

According to the data from, only 5% of people who file a claim on their own against the airline receive compensation after a lot of time and effort.

 Additionally, about more than 70% of these 5% receive the total compensation as mandated by law. This means that less than 2% receive the full compensation they are legally entitled to when claiming for a delay of more than 3 hours, a cancellation, overbooking, or lost baggage.

The reality is that airlines put up all sorts of obstacles to avoid paying. If you’ve already claimed by yourself, you know what we’re talking about: They don’t respond, or if they do, they come up with any excuse… all to avoid compensating you.

 If you’re reading these lines, it’s very likely that you’ve already experienced this, and if not, we hope to spare you this step of likely not getting anything. 

The solution: Lexority. 

At, we are experts in claims against airlines with an average compensation of €400. From your home, without worries, we can handle the entire incident. You’ll have the guarantee that your case will be pursued to the end and justice will be served.

Reasons to let Lexority handle it:

  • Average compensation of €400
  • Higher compensations than if you did it yourself
  • Easy process
  • If we don’t win, there’s no cost
  • You can only win
  • We pursue it through legal channels if necessary
  • Avoid all the bureaucracy of the claim
  • 9.7 out of 10 in customer service rating

If, despite everything, you want to try it on your own, you have the right to do so… you can contact us again when they don’t respond or refuse the claim. If you don’t need to call us back… Congratulations! You’ll be one of the few to succeed.

At this point, the question you should ask yourself is: Would it have been better to let Lexority handle it and not have to fight myself? If it happens to me again, would I try it alone again or would I leave it to Lexority lawyers?