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Claims to Promovacances?

Promovacance is a travel booking website that specializes in offering vacation packages and holiday deals. It helps travelers plan and book their vacations by providing a wide range of options, including flights, hotels, and activities bundled together as packages. The main focus is on providing cost-effective and convenient vacation solutions, making it easier for people to organize their leisure trips.

When you contract something with one of these companies you are also exposed to having problems with your flight. If you suffer a cancellation, delay or overbooking, don’t worry, we will help you claim, you will be entitled to claim a compensation of up to 600€ plus expenses.

Why can you claim to Promovacances?

Promovacances sells flight tickets for different airlines, occasionally leading to direct customer complaints. However, the responsibility isn’t crucial for affected individuals because, at, we’ll handle the claim process.

We’ll initiate a claim against either the airline or the ticket-selling company without any financial obligation on your part. Our ‘no win no fee’ approach ensures you won’t need to pay upfront, and we’ll only collect a fee if your claim is successful. Interested in start a claim?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The responsibility of the airline

Usually, in 90% of cases it is because the airline has not operated the flight well so is not fault of the agency.

In these cases, the affected party may recover all the expenses incurred that have been paid, such as the flight itself, as well as all those not enjoyed, such as lost hotels, taxi tours, rental cars…

But, in addition, there are automatic compensations in the event of a cancellation, a delay of more than 3 hours or overbooking according to regulation 261/2004 of the EU or the Montreal Convention.

For a flight delayed, cancelled or overbooked of more than 3 hours to the final destination, the passenger can claim compensation from the airline for the delayed flight between €250 and €600. In addition to this compensation, you can also claim for the flight delay along with the expenses and damages caused.

  • Flightsup to 1.500km – 250€
  • Flights between 1.500€ and 3.500km – 400€
  • Flights longer than 3.500km – 600€

If you are still traveling, and the airline is responsible for the incident and does not provide a solution, you should request an alternative solution from the travel agency so that you can continue with your trip. By having subsidiary responsibility, they must protect their interests. Contact them to get the best solution.

The responsibility of the agency

The agency refuses to refund the amount of the ticket even though the airline has credited it. It is happening in many cases with Covid-19 or coronavirus where they claim that they did not receive the money. It is usually because they are in a difficult financial position. The passenger should receive a refund if the flight has not taken place since they have not enjoyed the service.

For example, let’s imagine that we hire the agency for a flight to New York in 4 months and everything is done correctly. However, 2 weeks after the purchase, the airline tells the agency that there have been changes to the flight and the agency does not read that email, or even if it reads it, it does not communicate it to the client. If that happens, it is possible that those affected will not find out and will miss their flight. In that case, since the airline made the changes more than 14 days prior to the flight departure date, it should not compensate the customers because it is assumed that they accept the changes or they should not request a refund of the ticket if the conditions do not suit them. new dates. That is, if the agency does not communicate it, it will be the agency that will have to find a solution for its mistake and pay for it.

In these cases where there is no real stopover connection, if the first flight is delayed by less than 3 hours, the airline should not reschedule us on a new flight by law. If your flight has been cancelled, the airline must notify you personally 2 weeks in advance.

Know your compensation

Flight under 1500 km

With the characteristics below
  • Airline based in the EU
  • Or
  • Flight departure from the EU

Between 1500-3000 km

With the characteristics below
  • Airline based in the EU
  • Or
  • Flight departure from the EU

Flight over 3500 km

With the characteristics below
  • Airline based in the EU
  • Or
  • Flight departure from the EU