Frequently asked questions about air claims

What can I do if I miss my connecting flight because of a cancelled or delayed flight?

Currently, it is possible to claim against the airline for missing a connecting flight as long as none of the legs were within the European Union. It is essential to keep all the documentation that serves as proof to obtain the corresponding compensation.

It depends on the local law. For example, you have up to 5 years in Spain or 3 in France to make a claim for a flight.

The EU261 european law gives your the right to claim 250, 400 or 600 euros depending on the distance of the flight. The ticket price is not relevant in this case.

If your flight has been delayed due to airspace closures, political instability, insurmountable security risks, strikes or weather conditions that prevent you from flying, it will not be possible to get compensation from the company. But be aware that airlines often try to justify their incidents as insurmountable events, but this is not always true. By filing a claim with specialists in aviation law and regulation such as AirAdvisor, it will be much easier to get compensation.

If your flight is postponed until the next day, apart from financial compensation you are also entitled to one night’s hotel accommodation and transport to and from the airport. Normally, the airline organises accommodation and transport on its own. Before searching and booking on your own, talk to the airline staff at the airport.

If the airline offers you a voucher or discount in lieu of monetary compensation, you are not obliged to accept it. According to Regulation (EC) No 261/2004, you have the right to claim financial compensation for the delay of your flight if the criteria are met. If the airline does not cooperate or insists on offering you a voucher instead of the cash compensation you are entitled to, you could consider filing a complaint with a regulatory authority or seek legal support to ensure that your rights as a passenger are respected.

To get a compensation for a delayed flight, your plane should had arrived more than 3 hours late to your final destination.

A flight delay is the difference between the scheduled arrival time and the actual arrival time at your final destination. If your flight landed 2:50 hours after scheduled time, it is considered a reclamable delay because you would be in the airport 3 hours later than you should.

You can claim with us if your flight departed from France or Spain, or if your ticket was from a french or spanish airline.

No. This is one of those cases with extraordinary conditions in which they are not forced to give you any compensation. But they do have to give you back the money of the tickets and expenses like accomodation till they relocate you in another flight.