Jordan Aviation Compensation: Claim flight delay, cancellation or baggage

Jordan Aviation Compensation: Claim flight delay, cancellation or lost baggage. Get up to 600 euros refund for a delayed or cancelled flight and 1.414 euros for lost luggage.

Jordan Aviation flight claim compensation: European law and Montreal Convention

Jordan Aviation European compensation: delayed, cancelled and overbooked flight

Jordan Aviation EU 261 Law compensation}

Only applicable when any of these 2 circumstances occur:

  1. When the airline is European or…
  2. if the flight departs from europe

Compensation summary under Eu law: Jordan Aviation delay, cancellation and overbooking

brief – Jordan Aviation flight compensation according to EU Regulation
Flight Distance (Km) Jordan Aviation Compensation Claim
– 1.500 km € 250 Claim € 250
1.500 Km – 3.500 Km € 400 Claim € 400
More than 3.500 Km € 600 Claim € 600


Jordan Aviation Expenses


Jordan Aviation damages

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Jordan Aviation Example of compensation according to European 261 law

  • Flight delay from Milan to Brussels: Less than 1.500 km = 250 euros + expenses.
  • Flight overbooking from Las Palmas to Belgium: Between 1.500 km and 3.500 km = € 400 + expenses.
  • Flight delay from Madrid to Cali: 3.500 km + = € 600 + expenses.

Jordan Aviation Compensations under Montreal Convention for delays, cancellations, overbooked flights and baggage

Jordan Aviation delay compensation

Only applicable when these 2 circumstances occur simultaneously:

  1. All luggage claims even if it is an european airline
  2. When it is not an european airline and the flight doesn´t take off from Europe

Delayed flight, cancellation or overbooking compensation table according to the Montreal Convention

Jordan Aviation Montreal Convention Compensation
Compensation Limit of liability Expenses
Luggage 5.708 euros = 4.694 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) Other flighs, rents, tours, other missed flights

Claim Jordan Aviation flight according to the Montreal Convention

Jordan Aviation lost baggage or delayed luggage compensation

Reclaim lost baggage Jordan Aviation

If you Claim Jordan Aviation for luggage delay you can get a compensation of 1.414 euros + expenses.

Outline: Jordan Aviation lost baggage compensation according to the Montreal Convention
Luggage claim Limit of liability Expenses
Lost or damaged € 1.414 = 1.253 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) Clothes, cost of the baggage, taxis

Claim Jordan Aviation luggage

Read: Fill the PIR: Property Irregularity Report to claim for the luggage to Jordan Aviation

Pir Jordan Aviation

What is the meaning of PIR?

The Jordan Aviation Property Irregularity Report (PIR) reference number is a unique code that traces your delayed or damaged suitcase. You can find 10 letters and numbers and it is demanded to claim to Jordan Aviation.

  • Reference code
  • Flight code
  • Number of lost luggages
  • Date
  • Issue
  • Color and type
  • Name

The Jordan Aviation Extraordinary Circumstances

The term ‘extraordinary circumstances’ applies when the delay/cancellation is due to something unexpected in which a claim receives no compensation. Example:

  • Security
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • War
  • A few strikes not releated to Jordan Aviation like air traffic

Jordan Aviation not real Extraordinary Circumstances:

  • Issues with Jordan Aviation staff
  • Bad weather affecting a previous flight
  • Denied boarding due to the flight being overbooked
  • Jordan Aviation technical problems

Jordan Aviation “no show” booking clauses

“No show” is ilegal. you are granted a compensation for the denied boarding.

Can I claim my delayed flight directly to Jordan Aviation?

First of all, if you want to claim directly to Jordan Aviation, you should know your chances are scarce, since very often Jordan Aviation tries to justify their flight delays with extraordinary circumstances that did not really happen, such as issues with air traffic control. Therefore, it’s highly recommendable to funnel your claim through lexority.

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Deadline to claim a flight: How far back can I claim a flight compensation to Jordan Aviation?

Time Limit: 2 to 5 years as a general rule, depending on the type of regulation that applies in that particular case.

  • Montreal Convention: two years
  • Regulation 261/2004 of the EU: two to ten years. You must read the civil code for each country.

Documents to claim successfully to Jordan Aviation:

Reservation email

flight delayed claim Jordan Aviation

Boarding pass

cancellation claim Jordan Aviation

ID or pass

luggage flight claim Jordan Aviation


denied boarding claim Jordan Aviation

Some advice to claim Jordan Aviation

Inquire about the reason for Jordan Aviation delay or cancellation

The cause of the delayed flight is critical: mainly if you don´t have the boarding pass.

Jordan Aviation flight delays: 3 or more hours

To be entitled to a compensation, Jordan Aviation delayed flight must be higher than 3 hours.

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Jordan Aviation overbooking: is it legal?

Jordan Aviation Overbooking: When Jordan Aviation sells more tickets than the possible number of passengers they can accommodate.

The overbooking is legal, but you can get a compensation up to € 600.

Jordan Aviation aims to avoid empty seats due to no-shows, and this must be legally sanctioned.

When the Jordan Aviation passenger has received a reservation or any document stating the payment has been accepted and registered, it is a “confirmed reservation”. Boarding denials happen when a passenger presents to the gate but Jordan Aviation refuses them access to the plane.

How do I know how long the Jordan Aviation flight delay has been?

 claim Jordan Aviation delayed flight

  1. Contact a Lexority specialist to tell you how long the Jordan Aviation flight has been delayed without any doubt. Take in to account that the following sites are not always accurate and need a payment record.
  2. Use the web Flight Stats where if you register you can see the Jordan Aviation status of all flights including those of years ago.
  3. Another way is to go to where you can see the last 7 days Jordan Aviation flight delays without registering. After registration you can also see delayed flights from up to two years ago.

Advice: When the Jordan Aviation delay is very close to 3 hours, Flightradar24 is not 100% accurate, since it shows the time of landing, but not the exit from the plane, which is what the regulations imposes has to be taken in consideration.