Flight Delay Compensation: Claim Delayed flight

Flight Delay Compensation Claim. Get 250 to 600 € for the delayed flight.

Flight delay claim regulation: Compensations under EU law and the Montreal Convention

1- Eu flight delay compensation

claim delayed flight european law

Applies when:

  1. The delayed flight is operated by a European Airline or…
  2. The flight departs from a European country even if the airline is not European

Flight delay compensation table according to EU law

Table – Flight Delay Compensation according to EU 261/2004 Regulation
Flight Distance (Km)Delay compensationClaim for the delay
Less than de 1.500 km250 €Claim 250 €
1.500 Km – 3.500 Km400 €Claim 400 €
More than 3.500 Km600 €Claim 600 €





Claim delayed flight according to EU law

2- Montreal Convention

claim delayed flight

It applies when these two circumstances occur simultaneously:

  1. When the airline is not European and…
  2. The flight does not depart from Europe

Flight delay compensation table according to the Montreal Convention

Montreal Convention Compensation
DelayLimit of liabilityExpenses
Flight delay5.708€= 4.694 SDR ( Special Drawing Rights )Hotels, taxis, tours, other missed flights

Claim flight according to the Montreal Convention

Over 130 nations, including the USA, are signed up to the 2003 Montreal Convention. This specifies air passenger rights for several types of flight disruption, including flight delays.

The convention addresses “damages” resulting from flight disruptions. An example is financial damages. If as a consequence of your delayed flight you had to pay for an additional night in a hotel, you should be reimbursed for this.

Example: compensation you can get for flight delay

Let’s say you fly with a friend from Barcelona to Istanbul and our flight gets delayed more than 5 hours. In addition, the airline does not pay for any of your meals. Moreover, you miss in Istanbul a rental car you have rented in advance with a cost of 200 €, and consequently, you arrived very late at your destination.

The compensation for the delayed flight should be: 400 € per passenger + € 30 + € 200, which totals 1,030 €.

Documentation to claim a Flight Delay Compensation:


Claim flight Delay

Boarding pass

Claim delayed flight


Claim Delay compensation


Claim flightdelayed compensation

Can I Get a compensation for a 2 hour delay flight?

The quick anwser is no. The delay must be over 3 hours, but, in case your original flight is cancelled and the new flight arrives between 2 and 3 hours after the original scheduled time of arrival you are entitled to a 50% compensation.

If you want to claim a delay that lasted between 3 and 4 hours:

  • If the distance traveled is less than 1,500 kilometers you will be able to claim €250.
  • If the distance traveled oscillates between 1,500 kilometers and 3,500 kilometers you will be able to claim €400.
  • However, if the distance traveled is over 3,500 kilometers you will be able to claim €300 (the compensation is given according to half the amount stipulated of €600)

How to know how long the flight has been delayed?

Without any doubt, a specialist should tell you how long the flight has been delayed. You must be aware the following tools are not always accurate and they also need a payment register.

You can use the website http://www.flightstats.com/ where, if you sign up, you can see the status of every flight including the ones to years prior.

Another option is going into a https://www.flightradar24.com/ where you will be able to see the delay in a flight in the last seven days without registration. If you sign up, you will be able to see delayed flights from even two years prior.

Please note: When the delay is too close to three hours, Flightradar24 is not 100% accurate since it shows the time of landing but not the time of departure, which is what the law takes into consideration.

How long does it take to get a flight delay compensation

If you claim directly to the airline for the delay the average time to get an answer will be around 2 weeks, and the compensation will take around a month. If you are still waiting after a month to receive the compensation, contact us. The airline is probably not going to pay.

Claim with Lexority

Can I claim my delayed flight directly to the airline?

First of all, if you want to claim directly to the airline, you should know your chances are very small, since very often airlines try to justify their flight delays with extraordinary circumstances that didn’t really happen, such as issues with air traffic control. Consequently, it’s highly recommendable to direct your claim through a specialized third party.