Flight compensation form: delay, cancellation and overbooking

Flight compensation form: delay, cancellation and overbooking

Check your flight in one minute. Up to 600€ compensations.

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Please, fill in the form below entering your name in the first box and surname in the second one and sign in the box at the bottom.

I, * *, authorize Lexority.com to manage this claim in my name, corresponding to the flight number stated above, providing the required signatures in claims or writings. Likewise, I authorize Lexority.com to claim and receive the compensation and I will not start a parallel claim process either by my own means or with a third party.

Flight compensation you can expect for a delay, cancellation or overbooking if you fill the form

Flight Compensation according to EU 261/2004 Regulation
Flight Distance (Km) Compensation What you can claim
Less than 1.500 km 250 € Claim 250 €
1.500 Km – 3.500 Km 400 € Claim 400 €
More than 3.500 Km 600 € Claim 600 €





How long does it take to receive the compensation?

It takes around 3-4 months.

How much does it cost?

  • No win no fee
  • Riskless
  • 98% rate success
  • Success fee: 25% (plus VAT) on your total compensation amount or 35% (plus VAT) in court.